From this section you may download various useful resources related to ETC and/or to employment in Malta and in Europe.
The ‘Research and Reports’ page is where you can download research studies commissioned by ETC in relation to labour market needs and trends at a local and European level.  This page includes action plans, strategy reports and guides to jobseekers, employers and employees.
The ‘Links’ page is where you can access the websites of other organisations who operate in the fields of employment and training. Links to other Government entities are also available from this page. Through this page you may also find links related to private recruitment agencies, employment and industrial relations, and employment licences.
The ‘Forms’ page is where you can find the various ETC forms. These are available to both jobseekers and employers. From here you can download forms related to ETC schemes, work permits, and training courses.
The ‘Tenders and Quotations’ page is from where you can obtain information about our open calls for tenders and quotations. The lists of tenders received for particular public tenders, minutes of any clarification meetings and the adjudication results are also published on this page.
This section also includes information about the public information campaign being managed by ETC at the moment in relation to the sharing of work-life responsibilities between men and women. This information is available under the page heading ‘Nista’ – Sharing Work-Life Responsibilities Campaign’.