Report Abuse


The Law Compliance Unit plays a very important role in identifying abuses in the social system by taking action against:

- Job seekers who are registering for employment whilst working.

- Employers who fail to notify ETC of a new employee. Employers are legally bound to fill in an ETC engagement form for their newly employed persons.

- Employers who employ persons of compulsory school age.

- Foreigners working without the necessary employment licences.

The Law Compliance Unit, works hand in hand with the Department of Social Security, Tax Compliance Unit, Vat Department as well as the Police Force in order to ensure better law enforcement.
It is in your own's interest to report people whom you think are not declaring their employment. You may do this anonymously by calling our FREEPHONE 80076501 or by completing the form below:



The Employment and Training Corporation is set up and regulated by the Employment and Training Services Act of 1990. Following is the excerpt from the law concerning the Compliance Unit:

An inspector of the Corporation under the above mentioned Act is empowered:
To enter freely and without previous notice at all reasonable times any premises or place liable to inspection under this act;

- To carry out in any such premises or place any examination, test or enquiry which they may consider necessary in order to satisfy themselves that the provisions of this Act or of any regulations or orders thereunder as well as any recognised conditions of employment are being observed, and in particular:

- To interrogate, alone or in the presence of witnesses, the employer or the employees or the apprentices or trainees on any of the said matters;

- To require the production of any books, registers or other documents the keeping of which is prescribed by this Act or by any order issued under this Act and to copy such documents or make extracts there from.


On the occasion of an inspection visit, an inspector shall notify the employer or his representative of his presence, unless he considers that such a notification may be prejudicial to the performance of his duties.