Training Subsidy Scheme Academic (TSSA)

Grant Schemes for Programmes MQF levels 5, 6 or 7 in

Digital Media (Gaming / Software Development) and Financial Services

ESF2.201 – Enhancing Employability through Training (EET)


Please note that the TSSA is currently closed.



  • The main objective of the scheme is to encourage and promote more participation in programmes where there is a high demand by employers.


  • To provide financial assistance in the form of a grant payable to individuals who wish to follow a programme at MQF level 5, 6 or 7 in an area related to Digital Media (Software development / Gaming) or Financial Services. 



In order to apply for TSS (Academic), applicants should:


  1. Be a Maltese citizen, or is otherwise permitted to work in Malta and has been residing in Malta for the past five (5) years;
  2. Be employed or a job seeker who has reached 21 years of age on the date of application;
  3. Be applying for either a Digital Media (Software development / Gaming) or Financial Services related programme of studies equivalent to MQF Level 5, 6 or 7.
  4. Be accepted to participate in the programme by the recognised education and training institution providing the programme;


The programme of study applied for can be provided at any local Higher Education Institution representing a foreign University or at an international University, Higher Education Institution or licensed tuition centre provided they are recognised by the Maltese authorities.

(It is the responsibility of applicants, applying for qualifications awarded by foreign Universities/Higher Education Institutions, to produce an evaluation report on equivalence and comparability of qualifications issued by the Malta Qualifications Recognition Information Centre (MQRIC) within the Ministry of Education, Employment and the Family (as per Mutual Recognition of Qualifications Act – Act XVIII of 2002). A certified true copy of the said report issued by the MQRIC, should be attached to the application).



Many courses have strict admission deadlines and applicants must take the necessary steps to secure admission to their preferred institutions prior to submitting the application to the TSSA unit within the Employment & Training Corporation.


Applicants in possession of other public grants or scholarships for the same course or programme shall be deemed ineligible to the TSS Academic Scheme.


Selection Process

All applications submitted will be evaluated by a Selection Committee that will be appointed by the ETC for the purpose of evaluating applications according to pre-established criteria, namely:

(a) Academic merit of the Applicant and quality of the proposal;

(b) The relevance to identified priority areas of study;

(c) The likely impact of the work on the development of Malta;


The programme can be followed on a full-time, part-time or distance learning.


If the scheme is oversubscribed preference shall be given to programmes in the following order ceteris paribus:

First preference – Full time programmes;

Second preference – Part time programmes;

Third preference – Distance learning programmes.


Provided that, persons with disabilities who do not have any possibility of following a full or part-time Diploma, Degree and Masters programme unless through distance learning, shall be given first preference in the same way as those who apply to follow full-time programmes. In such cases, supporting documentation certifying these conditions will need to be presented with the Application, which may need to be verified on a case by case basis in consultation between the Corporation and the KNPD.




For the purposes of determining the award, training costs shall mean Registration fees (if applicable) and Tuition fees paid by the applicant to the Licensed Tuition Centre or Higher Education Institution recognized by the Maltese authorities. The training costs do not cater for the acquisition of equipment, including text-books and other materials, even if this is necessary for the individual to undertake the programme.


The Grant shall be equivalent to 100% of the direct training cost but will not exceed the maximum amount of €7000.  The Grant will be reimbursed directly to the participant after successful completion of training and upon presentation of an official receipt of payment together with a certified true copy of the certificate and/or transcript denoting successful completion issued by the Educational and Training Institution.



Application Forms

Interested applicants are invited to apply using the appropriate application forms which are available from the TSS Unit within the ETC Training Centre. They can also be downloaded via this link.

Applicants shall submit their written application to the TSS Unit, together with the following:

  • Course prospectus, inclusive of timeframes and tuition fees involved.
  • Certified copy of MQRIC evaluation report relating to course being applied for.
  • Supporting Documentation demonstrating recognition of the Tuition Centre or Higher Education Institution by Maltese Authorities
  • Certified copy of the Unconditional Letter of Acceptance from the Educational and Training Institution.
  • Certified copies of the certificates of the qualifications detailed in the application form.
  • Certified copy of the applicant’s identity card/passport (and work permit in the case of non-Maltese citizens).


Formal confirmation of the grant to successful applicants will only be issued if the applicant provides all necessary documentation.

If, for any reason, the applicant cannot start on the date stated in the contract, or requires a different start date, he/she is to resubmit an application with the new date.


Applications are to be submitted personally, by hand, at the TSS Unit of the Employment and Training Corporation, Hal Far, between the 2nd September 2013 and the 31st December 2013 between 08:00hrs. and 12:00hrs. All applicants are to request an acknowledgement for receipt of application from the receiving office.


Applications for programmes commencing prior to the launch of the scheme, i.e. 23rd August 2013, will not be deemed as eligible for a grant.


The TSS (Academic) Scheme is co-funded under the ESF Operational Programme II of 2007-2013. Preferably, funds are to be claimed by the end of December 2014. In those cases where documented justified reasons are presented, the TSS Unit may extend the claim period up to March, 2015. Any such requests are to be submitted to the TSS Unit in writing by the 20th December, 2013 at noon.


Applications for programmes which go beyond the eligibility period cannot be considered for funding; similarly applications will not be accepted once funds allocated for this initiative have been committed.

Version 2

ETC notifies that no authorisation has been given to any third-parties to advertise any course / programme on its behalf, and neither authorised  third parties to publicise any course / programme of study as in any way eligible for TSS or TSSA  Grants.