Bridging the Gap Scheme


The Supported Employment Section within the Employment and Training Corporation supports and targets disadvantaged groups to enhance their capabilities to integrate into the labour market. The Section assists these client groups by providing counselling and placement services together with referrals to adequate training.


This scheme is designed to support the client in the transition period from unemployment to employment. It allows the employer to evaluate the performance of the client in the workplace, prior to proper engagement.


How does the scheme work?


The scheme offers the client a period of work exposure with an employer to enable him/her to demonstrate the skills needed for a particular job. The employer and ETC enter into an agreement regarding the work exposure period, whereby a client is placed on the scheme with the prospect of employment. The client is considered as an unemployed registrant without the obligation to turn up for his/her weekly signing-up.


Who can benefit from the scheme?


Registered unemployed persons who are:


- Registered disabled persons 

- Other people in disadvantaged situations 


What are the benefits for the client using the scheme?


- Client will gain workplace skills required by employers.

- Client will have access to employment opportunities.

- Client will receive a weekly allowance of 80% of the minimum wage from ETC while renouncing the rights to any Social Security benefits throughout the work exposure phase if the period exceeds twenty-eight weeks.


What are the benefits for the employer using the scheme?


- The employer interviews and selects the client.

- The employer can evaluate the progress of the client.

- The employer will be free from obligation such as National Insurance contributions, wages and sick leave benefits.

- The employer will have the support of the ETC officials throughout this work-exposure phase.


For more information or to participate in this scheme, contact our advisors at the Supported Employment Section on 22201408 or email