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The Training Subsidy Scheme and Training Subsidy Scheme Academic

ETC has embarked on a new training project entitled Enhancing Employability through Training.
The booking system for training programmes will now change as now you will have the opportunity to directly book for specific scheduled course you would like to attend.  Booking will take place on a first come first served basis and priority will be given to unemployed clients registering on Part 1 of the register.
Booking can be done as follows :
For jobseekers registering with the ETC on Part 1 and Part 2 of the Unemployment Register :
  • By contacting and making an appointment directly with your Employment Advisor


For jobseekers who are on Part 2 of the unemployment Register, employed or unemployed but currently not registering with the ETC :
Those clients who have placed a booking with ETC in the past and were placed on a waiting list, will be notified once the training programme will be made available.  In such cases, you are requested to rebook by following the above mentioned procedures.
It is very important that you meet the entry requirements when you book for a training programme.  To this end we request that when you book through the website you attach a copy of your qualifications and if you are visiting a job centre you take with you your ID card, copies of such documents including certificates, and licences.