Training For Employment



Traineeships can bridge the gap between the theoretical knowledge gained in education and the skills and competences needed at a workplace and in this way increase the chances of young people to find a job.


The Traineeship scheme is intended to provide job seekers with initial vocational training (pre-employment training) that will help them to obtain the knowledge, skills and competence required to find and secure employment. From an employers’ perspective the scheme is also intended to help them find suitably competent employees. From a corporate perspective the scheme will help the ETC to activate job seekers, by providing them with the knowledge, skills and competence required to find and retain employment. 




Traineeship Schemes will be based on the dual system of vocational training providing a combination of theoretical knowledge supplemented by related hands on practical training. The latter form of training will provide participants with an opportunity to put their knowledge into practice while having a firsthand experience of work in the calling of their choice. This model of vocational training also helps the learner to build up on confidence and facilitates transition into employment. 


Callings / Programmes on Offer 


The Programmes to be offered will be labour market driven, whereby the job preferences of the jobseekers will be matched with the requests made by Employers wanting to participate in the scheme.


The duration of a traineeship will be determined by the content of the theoretical programme and the hands on training that will be required to meet the stated objectives. The duration of a traineeship will be of between 10 to 26 weeks, on an average of 40 hours /week.




Typically during any week, a trainee will attend a combination of both on-the-job training (practical training in a real work environment) and off-the-job training, theoretical training approved by the Corporation.


The theoretical tuition will be delivered by ETC at its Training Complex and/or by any other entity approved by the Corporation to provide this service on behalf of the Corporation. This will be delivered on a day or block release system or as required, for the duration of the scheme. 


Practical hands on training will run concurrently with the off the job training programme. This will be delivered by employers selected for this purpose on those days and times that the trainee is not requested to attend for theoretical tuition.


Current Traineeships


Name of Scheme:

Target Audience

Traineeship Office Procedures

Persons interested in working as clerks, administration, coordinators, secretaries and other similar occupations

Traineeship Process Manufacturing

Persons interested in working as assemblers, factory operators packers and other similar occupations

Traineeship Sales Techniques

Persons interested in working as sales and marketing assistants, promoters and resellers and other similar occupations

Traineeship Front Office

Persons interested in working as customer care representatives, receptionists, telephone operators and other similar occupations

Traineeship Warehouse Operations

Persons interested in working as storekeepers, delivery persons, warehouse assistants and other similar occupations

Traineeship General Maintenance

Persons interested in working as handyman, plasterer, painter, building maintenance, and other similar occupations

Traineeship Cleaning Attendants

Persons interested in working as cleaners, room and laundry attendants, chamber maids etc…

Traineeship Life Skills for the Work Environment

Irrespective of the area that the on-the-job training focuses on, this traineeship offers customer care and personal and social skills off-the-job training.




Trainees:  Traineeship schemes will be made available for both registered unemployed persons and inactive job seekers.

Employers:  All public and private entities, including NGOs.




Whilst following the Traineeship, participants will be paid a training allowance, which is calculated on the National Minimum Wage by ETC. Unemployed registrants will be exempted from the weekly regisration.


Application Forms


Interested applicants are invited to apply using the appropriate application forms which are available from the Training Complex. They can also be downloaded from the following links:



Applications are to be submitted by post or personally by hand at the Traineeship Unit, Training Services Division, Employment and Training Corporation, Hal Far BBG 3000. All applicants are to request an acknowledgement for receipt of application from the receiving office.