Average Wage Earners Scheme



Get paid while you receive training!


Does your Gross Income fall below the Average Minimum Wage of €300/week ? If yes, did you know you are eligible to receive an allowance of €25 per week if you choose to follow training provided through the Employment and Training Corporation ? Read on...............
Now is the time to follow training provided by the Employment and Training Corporation. Training will improve your skills or add new ones. Improved skills lead to new opportunities for better-paid jobs as well as improve job mobility.

ETC offers a vast range of different training courses in various areas including languages, trades, information technology, electronics, engineering, mechanics, clerical work and in management. ETC training is free of charge to everyone.


Terms and conditions


This allowance in the form of financial grant will be given to those workers who earn less than €300 (Gross) per week.


For a person to receive the financial grant he or she must attend for a minimum of 4 hours of training per week organized by the Employment and Training Corporation (ETC).

The financial grant amount is of €25 per week, even if the person is attending for more than one course at one time. The financial grant is only given after the person successfully completes the whole training course. The grant is given according to the amount of weeks that the training course has. If a person terminates the training course before it is completed, or has absences which preclude final assessment, he or she will not receive the allowance.


All training courses offered by ETC are free of charge.


How to apply

Send us an email on etc@gov.mt or an SMS on 7993 7103 with this information:

Name and surname
ID Card number
Mobile number
Email address
The course you would like to attend to

Once we call you for the training course, our training advisors will help you to fill in an application form so that you can be eligible for this financial grant.

You may also contact us on 21654940.

Applications may be found in both English and Maltese formats. The Average Wage Declaration Form may be viewed here.