Average Wage Earners Scheme



Get paid while you receive training!


If you choose to attend one of ETC's free training programmes whilst you are employed and earning less than €300 per week then you can apply to receive an allowance of €25 per week.


ETC offers a vast range of different training courses in various areas including languages, trades, information technology, electronics, engineering, mechanics, clerical work and care services. This training will help you improve skills and learn new ones and open doors to new opportunities for better-paid jobs as well as improve job mobility.
ETC’s training programmes are free of charge to everyone.


Individuals will benefit from a financial grant of €25 per week provided that they attend a minimum of four hours of training per weekand/or more depending on the programme time-table and schedule.organized by the ETC. Applicants may be on full or part time employment whilst attending for the training programme.


The grant is given to the individual upon successfully completing the whole training course and according to the amount of weeks that the training course had.Should the individual decide to terminate the training course before it is completed, or has absences which preclude final assessment, he or she will not receive the allowance.
To apply or find out more, please send us an email on training.etc@gov.mt, or call on freephone 8007 6503 with the following information:
  • Name and surname
  • ID Card number
  • Mobile / Home number
  • Email address
  • The course you would like to attend 


Applications may be found here. The Average Wage Declaration Form may be viewed here. The Account Consent Form may be viewed here.


Applications together with the relevant documentation may be sent to:
Training Services Division
Average Wage Earners Scheme
Hal Far Road
Hal Far BBG 3000