Training Opportunities


Enhancing Employability through Training (EET)
This Programme aims to facilitate the access to developing the knowledge, skills and competences of the working age population. The scope behind it, is to offer training assistance to jobseekers needing to improve their skills to enter the labour market and to upgrade the existing skills of those individuals who wish to re-enter the labour market, find alternative employment and/or acquire new skills to meet the labour market demands.



ETC offers courses aimed at helping persons improve their education and acquire the required skills to find employment or retain it. Courses are available at different levels, from short courses of a few days, through to vocational award certificate courses, pegged to the Maltese and European Qualification Frameworks, that can be completed in a few weeks or months.

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Traineeships are a dual system of occupational skill development, targeted at new labour market entrants, unemployed clients or employees involved in restructuring exercises. This flexible training solution addresses skill shortages and is being offered to employers willing to recruit participants qualified for a traineeship. The programmes offered are labour market driven, whereby the job preferences of the job seekers are matched with the requests made by Employers who participate in the scheme.

The programme is made up of a combination of on-the-job and off-the-job training with a duration of up to 26 weeks. The following traineeships are currently being offered1:

Name of Scheme:

Target Audience

Traineeship Office Procedures

Persons interested in working as clerks, administration, coordinators, secretaries and other similar occupations

Traineeship Process Manufacturing

Persons interested in working as assemblers, factory operators packers and other similar occupations

Traineeship Sales Techniques

Persons interested in working as sales and marketing assistants, promoters and resellers and other similar occupations

Traineeship Front Office

Persons interested in working as customer care representatives, receptionists, telephone operators and other similar occupations

Traineeship Warehouse Operations

Persons interested in working as storekeepers, delivery persons, warehouse assistants and other similar occupations

Traineeship General Maintenance

Persons interested in working as handyman, plasterer, painter, building maintenance, and other similar occupations

Traineeship Cleaning Attendants

Persons interested in working as cleaners, room and laundry attendants, chamber maids etc…

Traineeship Life Skills for the Work Environment

Irrespective of the area that the on-the-job training focuses on, this traineeship offers customer care and personal and social skills off-the-job training.

1Subject to change

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Work Exposure Schemes have been specifically designed to help persons gain valuable work experience. Under this scheme, you are placed with an employer for 12 weeks. During this period you will gain firsthand experience in a particular sector or industry which will improve your ability to find employment within the field you wish to work in.

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TSS aims to provide financial assistance in the form of a grant payable to individuals wishing to follow a program.

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TSSA aims to provide financial assistance in the form of a grant payable to individuals who wish to follow a program at MQF 5, 6, 7 in an area related to Digital Media (Software development/ Gaming) or Financial Services. Please note that the TSSA is currently closed.

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The main objective of the project was to facilitate TCNs’ integration in the Maltese Society, through the delivery of language courses and a specific course dedicated to cultural awareness and employment. Please note that this project is currently closed.

However, if you are a foreigner living in Malta and wish to pursue learning Maltese and English, feel free to contact us.

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ETC notifies that no authorisation has been given to any third-parties to advertise any course / programme on its behalf, and neither authorised  third parties to publicise any course / programme of study as in any way eligible for TSS or TSSA  Grants.